IMACH – IMPROVING ASIAN COMMUNITY HEALTH (WWW.IMACH.ORG) – a non-profit organization, works as a health advocate, health navigator and health educator to improve the

quality of living and the quality of health among Asian communities in San Diego.

Nationally and locally, three (3) behaviors – poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, and tobacco

use – contribute to four (4) diseases: cancer, heart disease and stroke, Type 2 diabetes, and

lung disease. These diseases result in over fifty (50) percent of deaths in San Diego County

which includes Mira Mesa and Miramar where a high density of Vietnamese and Asian people reside and are affected.


By working one-on- one with each family/individual, IMACH can assist with the following:


1. Coordinate with educators to provide English literacy for adults and vocational English

training for entry level jobs

2. Coordinate with Vietnamese/American business owners to find entry level jobs

3. Seek Health Education classes by professional health care providers to promote better

self–care and dieting and reduce the likelihood of stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes

and cancer  Reduce the death rate in our community and improve quality of living

4. Seek Early Childhood Prevention programs to assist in delayed mental, physical, or

sociological development in young children

5. Coordinate available services throughout the county tailored to each person’s needs

6. Seek Teen Orientation programs / Teen mentors to reduce high school drop-out rates

7. Assist in seeking health activities for seniors

8. Assist in applying for government welfare benefits

9. Seek food assistance programs available for the region


All these services are free of charge, but monetary donations are welcomed as it will greatly assist your family, friends, and neighbors into creating a better life in the US.


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